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Kindle DX Global battery replacement

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about purchasing a Kindle DX Global, but I've learned that the batteries are not customer replaceable.

To my knowledge, all batteries have a shelf life, and eventually the battery for the Kindle DX Global will need to be replaced. I called Amazon customer service to see how one would go about doing that (I live in Canada). The front line agent kept trying to tell me the battery would be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. I asked him what he would tell a customer who was calling in to have the battery replaced after the warranty period expires. I was told a transfer to the warranty team would be in order (?). I asked to be transferred, and lo and behold, was told that Amazon does not replace the Kindle DX battery. I was told that Amazon would sell me a refurbished kindle DX for $259 for a battery problem after the warranty expires (!!).

I'm not so sure I want to go ahead with my purchase now, and it's a bit disappointing after all the good things I've read about the Kindle DX (no memory card slot not withstanding).

I have come a across a few websites that show you how to access the Kindle DX battery, and it seems that it is possible to replace it, albeit not without risking damage to the Kindle.

My questions to the good folk of this forum are these:

Does anyone have an idea how long the battery life (not holding a charge, but until it dies for good) of the Kindle DX battery is? [Amazon doesn't.] Am I worrying for nothing?

Has anyone had problems with their Kindle DX battery and if so was it resolved?

Has anyone tried replacing their battery and if so was is successful? Where did you get the replacement battery and what kind was it?

I came across a website that said the battery for the Kindle DX is the same as the battery for the Kindle 2; it just has a different part number. I did find a company (called UltraSonic) on that sells replacement batteries for the Kindle 2, and I'm waiting to hear back whether they sell batteries for the Kindle DX. Anyone here know of a vendor that would ship a Kindle DX Global replacement battery to Canada?
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