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bazmi began at the beginning.
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my biggest problem with irex is that they lied on their site when i bought the product(s) - in case of DR1000 they clearly said that the device has a battery life which is far longer than what it actually was and even 2 years later they still cannot deliver. this is very different from a promised future feature. in case of iliad they sold a device that they had stopped developing for but did not say so. to me this is cheating and i dont see why or how i could condone it. the words i have used are strong but they do reflect the actions of irex.

i have two sony readers and they arent perfect too but they do pretty much everything that sony promised they do so while i can wish for improvements, i cant hold it against them. not the case with irex.

most devices i buy when they are just hot off the press and never have i experienced such lousy performance and attitude. and for whatever it is worth i am involved with software development and just dont accept that delays of this magnitude always happen.

i can certainly live with this much money down the drain but that doesnt mean i have to take it quietly ;-)
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