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Device: Onyx Boox 60
My Onyx Boox 60 just arrived!

Finally! After years following the e-readers technology. I finally decided that Boox is going to be my first e-reader. Not that I haven't tried to buy one before, but it's difficult to obtain in Indonesia, and it's finally available here.

So, after waiting anxiously throughout the weekend, it arrived yesterday afternoon!

Haven't played too much with it, but I'm totally in love with the screen
This is my first time seeing an e-ink display with my own eyes. After reading dozens of ebooks on pda and smartphone screens, I must say that e-reader display is much, much more comfortable to read on. Although my smartphone still wins in terms of compactness and its ability to read in the dark.

Packaging is OK, but seriously, someone needs to design a better box for this gadget IMO. The design on the box kind of make it feel cheap.

Build quality is very nice. It feels solid and the design is very iPod-y (might be a minus for some people, but I personally don't really care). The white leather case supplied is also very nice and fits the white Boox nicely.

UI is pretty simple and straightforward. I can understand it fine in a pretty short amount of time without consulting the manuals.

Sound quality is very good. Sound is clear, but I need to listen to it with a better headphone to hear whether it has hiss or not. Will update soon.
What boox need is an audiobook player

Wifi works fine. I only tried to open wikipedia though. But it's a nice feature to have.

Battery life. Just fully charged it last night. We'll see how long it will last A friend of mine who also owns Boox, said that it can lasts for more than a week.

Anyone in Jakarta wants to buy Onyx Boox 60, just contact me
If anyone wants to see the device and I have some free time, maybe we can arrange a meet up.


Update 1: The firmware seems to be very stable, I think I've tried most of its features and it never crashes

Update 2: I find that boox is not very good for viewing manga full-screen (fit to page). The anti aliasing is pretty bad. The lines are too jaggy, and it makes the texts hard to read.

Update 3: I charged my Boox on Monday, around midnight, so it should be fully charged by Tuesday morning. Today is Friday and my Boox only has 1 bar left. Admittedly, I haven't done much reading. I remove the SDcard often, experimenting with different formats, so I open and close many books many times too. That probably use more battery rather than just reading one book at a time. I probably have to recharge it tonight.

I also found something interesting: Boox can read ebooks from zipped files, but it treats it as a different format than what is contained inside. For example, I converted an ebook to epub with Calibre and it resulted in 1 epub file, 1 jpg, and 1 opf, I zipped all those, and when I opened it with Boox, it treats the ebook more like an html file. The menu is different from what you'd get if you open an unzipped epub.

I only get roughly 4-5 days with the way I use boox so far. I also never turn my Boox off, only stand-by. After my next recharge, I'll try to turn it off every night or use the auto turn off feature and see if I can get a longer usage time / charge.

So my next suggestion is if Boox can add an auto turn on/off based on time. Say, I want my boox to automatically shut down every midnight and turn on automatically every morning at 7 o clock. I wonder if that is possible

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