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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
His firmware will let you read Mobi with DRM but otherwise the mobi stuff is about the same. Mobi guesses page numbers based on the distance through the file, This is why they are never right unless you just start reading at page one and then they can count. Jumps are always approximate. Tirwals only works on the 6" device. Is this the one you have?
Wow, OK, mobi really sucks. Yeah, I have the 6".

I've converted the file to epub and it's:

1. smaller file size,
2. uses a smaller font (which is good - I can read the smaller font fine and this means more on the page),
3. faster to change pages? Not sure but seeems to.

Am currently going through the new firmware install process.

Edit: Got the firmware installed. Looking good.

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