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I'm sorry to say after having experienced the Reader for 2 months that eink technology is terribly flawed.

When after all the hoopla that this screen is the same or better than a paperback book, it makes you think.

If you have to pay $350 to read dark gray type on a light gray background with lousy contrast, on a fuzzy screen with ghosting problems; and then format and reformat files, while having 4 copies of every book in 4 different format, just in case; and then try 4 or 5 different book lights so you can read 150 characters in 10 seconds and get a cramp in your finger because instead of reading you're turning pages....

I'm sorry... I'm going back to grow with own trees in my own forest and print my own books on my 600 dpi laser printer with black toner and use any font I want with 10 point type.

Sony Reader does not represent a step forward; it's just another exercise in futility.
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