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I got a version of this about a week ago, to supplement my Cybook Opus, through

Gajah International are an industrial design firm out of Singapore, and were commissioned to come up wiyth an eReader design for Oaxis, who then sub-licensed the manufacturing rights to several other Chinese companies, and now it and several other Gajah reader designs are floating around out there on the Chinese market for anyone to slap their Label on. ... or at least that's the story I've been told.

(if you think the Western eReader market is becoming crowded, you have no idea of the cluster**** that is the Chinese eReader market right now. ...and those are just the legally licensed ones, to say nothing of the others)

Mine came straight out of the factory at Show China Industrial Company in ShenZhen, ran for US$216, and is prosaically called the SCA-EB-01.

Nice design, good solid, well made feel and very customizable.

Once I've played around with it a bit more, I'll write up a full review and compare it with my Opus.

Oh, and also how to go about ordering through
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