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Is there some way to read PRCs (non secure mobipockets) on 'droid--eReader is already johnny on the spot apparently, as always; Mobipocket continues its march to irrelevance, but I still have a lot of PRC books.

Btw, regarding an initial comment...It's a 3.5 screen that is that's a BAD thing?

For me, no backlighting, no interest. Backlighting is one of the things that reinvents books rather than sticks to artificial impediments because of the Way it Was 700 years ago. Way easier to read and makes the device far more useful in a variety of lighting situations. I also see no problem with a 3.5 screen, which is more than big enough for typical book reading and by the way---means it is portable so it is always with you. Showing up--is a big issue. It is of no use if left home.

I love the way Kindle lovers have begun announcing "Oh it's great! It has no backlighting."

I keep going "HUH???"
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