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LRF TOC Editor v1.10

Well, it has take too long since the last update, but I've been rather busy with many things.

I guess that LRF TOC Editor starts to be less useful at this time, with the release of that new firmware for PRS-500 allowing the use of the ePub format and PDF with reflow. But those people who still keep LRF files or who haven't updated their reader, may still get juice from this application.

The version number skipped from 1.02 to 1.10 due to the high number of changes, some visible and some not, and to the fact of have been created on various phases, which could have become intermediate versions, but which I didn't want to release until get close to the targets I want to reach.

Basically, and as a summary, the main changes are a clearer and more easy to use interface and a closer look between what the application shows and what can be seen on the PRS-500's screen. For more details you can look at the change log.

You can find the new version in the first post of this thread. I hope you like it and find it useful.

P.S.: Could some admin or mod change the thread title so it says "1.10" instead "1.02", please? Thanks.
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