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Originally Posted by cbell View Post
PinkTissue, I work for DA Direct - the suppliers of ECO Readers. It's usual for Australian companies to close for 2-4 weeks over Christmas/New Year. Our helpdesk will be back up and running on Monday 11th January and they'll respond to any queries you've sent them.

If you send me a PM with your email address, I'll send you the details for downloading the latest ECO Reader firmware. The staff at DA Asia in Singapore can also supply you with these details.

There's no limit on how many times you change your firmware, but the ECO Reader firmware has features we've requested - I think it's worthwhile for you to try the latest version.
Thanks for the help. I have sent an e-mail to Australia which is why I know that Australia companies closes till 11 Jan 10. While this is now settled, I am still upset that the E-reader is not updated properly in the first place since it cannot even open a basic Chinese txt file. I have tried out at least 3 Eco Readers so I know the whole batch have not have their firmware updated. I am afraid that the Singapore supplier is not of any help - the salesperson(s), while polite, knows very little on the product and merely gave a polite smile when I asked for support and the standard reply that 'no, it could not open chinese txt files, perhaps you would want to buy I-River instead if you want to open Chinese.txt files'. I went to different stores to check with the salesperson but all gave the same reply.
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