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Protected Page EPUB v. PDF bug

Having run into the "protected page" issue shortly after receiving the Sony eReader (upon checking out books from my local library via overdrive), I read up on the problem to find folk complaining about the reader being unable to view DRM'd EPUB & PDF files at the same time ... apparently only the last format transferred of either of these can be viewed, the other format displaying the dreaded error.

e.g., if the last book I transfer to the reader is EPUB, then I can read EPUB formats, but not the PDFs; if I then re-checkout a PDF, then all the PDF's become accessible, while EPUBs are now not.

Chatted with Sony support last night, and they pointed me to this tech note:

I'm blown away that Sony's official response is to "delete all and only use one format" ... seriously?!? You can have one, or the other, but not both types of files on the device at any one time?? ... pathetic.

I'm loathe to resort to stripping DRM from these books, but if Sony doesn't resolve this bug, what choice do people have?!?

Has anyone found any other alternatives?

A Protected Page! error occurs on the Reader when opening a borrowed book that is in the ePub or PDF format.

This may happen when borrowed Adobe DRM-protected ePub and PDF eBooks exist on the Reader at the same time. Follow this procedure to correct this issue:

1. Delete all borrowed books from the Reader.
2. Verify that all borrowed books are in the same format (either ePub or PDF) before transferring them back to the Reader.
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