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Originally Posted by delphidb96 View Post
Are you *naming* your jump links? In other words, are you giving unique names within Atlantis to each recipe's start point? (#DessertsAlexsScrumptiousChocolateChiffon vs. #Chiffon?)
I was not editing the heading styles at the time but I have that all sorted now.

Also, are you specifically inserting a page break at the front of each recipe? (CTRL-Enter) so that when you insert a recipe, it will flow properly? I *loathe* ebooks that don't have page-breaks between chapters and each recipe is a 'chapter'.
That is exactly what I was after. Thank you so much.

And have you thought to put a section page in for each main (what you've italicized) section - say a blurb such as:


Here I've collected a group of desserts, ranging from 'a child can make it' simple to 'oh my God, how can anyone expect to master this?' complex. In here you will find my favorites of today as well as my and my family's favorites from years past.

While the above example is simple, it should give you some ideas. Personally, I would not be offended if the 'blurb' under the section header went on for a page or two if there are several different kinds and categories to follow.

As the book is primarily for my use, to cut down on piles and piles of magazines, books and printed web pages, I don't really see the need for a blurb or section descriptions. Thanks for the idea though, it's something I'll bear in mind.

I have another question: I've got the template down and sorted and everything works fine but I have an idea to make it a bit better but am unsure if it's even possible.

Reading the help guide for Atlantis, it mentions that it's possible to have multiple TOCs. My idea is this:

Opening the main TOC menu opens up a list with:

Title Page
Mains: Meat
Mains: Fish
Mains: Vegetarian
And so on
And so forth

Is it possible to set each of those options as a TOC? So clicking on Mains: Meat would open another TOC menu listing all the recipes under that section, then I can utilise the buttons down the right hand side of my eReader as each button would link to a specific recipe.

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