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Episode 03 of Valentine is out now for Kindle!

Get it now, and see why Episodes 01 and 02 became the top two selling graphic novels on Kindle in December (and are still in the top three right now)

72 screens of nonstop suspense, thrills and action, only 99 cents.

Also available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and more! (Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese versions of 03 are still processing through Kindle store; Amazon gets a bit spooked by non-Roman alphabet stuff but they should be ready in the next day or so)

And yes, I am sorting out the ePub versions at present. I've been very persnickety about my formatting so it's taken me a *lot* longer than expected, and hopefully by end of day tomorrow (6 Jan) I'll have ePub versions of Episodes 01-03 on the Valentine website in English, Spanish, German and French, and also I'll post free ePub and LRF copies of 01 in the appropriate places in this forum. Non-Kindle users, thank you for your patience!

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