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Hi all,

This is Matt from Vook. I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the comments -- both negative and positive (PhishStyx, in particular, seems to be thinking exactly as we are when it comes to our potential).

I do want to address some of the criticism though and perhaps make more clear our mission.

First, we don't in any way intend to replace the imaginative reading process. If you just want to read your vook, there is a view that lets you do simply that. If you want more enhanced features -- video, links, social media -- we provide that as well. I'm a devoted reader and have spent my life enjoying books. What we're doing is exciting: we're building a new way for stories to reach readers and a new way to expand their scope. The reference I always use is "House of Leaves" -- that was a phenomenal, gripping novel and it was crying out for the vook treatment. The author even duplicated hyperlinking with different colored text. Or take a look at David Carr's excellent "Night of the Gun". Carr documented his book with extensive interview footage. While reading it, I really wanted to see the interviews behind the story. But there was no easy way to do that. What we're doing is opening books up to even more information, even more possibility.

We're aggressively ramping up production in 2010, so there will be a lot more opportunities to produce really great vooks that SHOW what we do instead of me TELLING you.

(Also, I can vouch for the people researching the links. They're no drudges).

Please write me with any questions at


Matt Cavnar
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