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Formatted Opus. Duh! Anyone got the system files?

I followed some instructions to remove a load of ebooks all in one go by formatting the Cybook Opus internal drive. Once I'd got that going I read further down where it said to save the system files . . . . . . .

Can anyone help me out of a big hole, please? The Opus works - it boots up, and I can access the menus, but it won't show any books I drop into the USB device mounted on my computer. ADE won't see it either - not in Windows nor in Mac OS X. Calibre sees it and identifies it correctly and even allows me to send ebooks to it, but the Opus won't show them in its menus. Formatting it with either of the firmwares available (mobi & ePub) do not recreate the deleted files/folders.

I have contacted Bookeen support, but would so appreciate it if someone could send me a zip of the system files I should have backed up before formatting . .

Pretty please!!!!!

Thanks guys.
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