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Hiebook Meory on the Cheap...

Originally Posted by imaredr

Have you tried using the adapter? ...snip...
Also is the Yahoo! group for Hiebook still active? I guess everyone is moving on, but I still like to use my Hiebook every now and then.

Hello Ellen,

The Yahoo! group! is! gone! (I crack me up.) -Many of us still swap books and stuff but the rest is history. I have tried -and use- the adapter for the memory. Here's a link to a typical one on ebay:

The small caveat is mechanical; the adapter is made up of 2-parts: the main SM-card and a little plastic box-like cover that makes up where little xD memory pushes in. See the picture in the link...

So this house...if removed, allows the card to slide all the way in. If left on, the edge of it hits the Hiebooks' edge, and won't work. I wonder if this was also a problem with your experiment? I popped the little cover off, then used a sander to grind off the offending corner. Also, I made a slot (in the black leatherette book cover) to allow the card to be used while encased. savvy? It all works fine and landing cost was...hmmm...$17-ish.


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