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Hm.. A page is a concept for paper books. In eBooks, jumping about and scrolling are the key concepts: with links, you can hop around a book, from recipe to recipe, and by scrolling, you can put the title at the top of the screen. A screen is not a page. It's a window on the book's content. I'd drop the idea of a page, if I were you.

Screen size: From the WIKI: portrait: 90.6 x 122.4 mm (3.57" x 4.82"), 600 x 800 pixels | effective 88.2 x 115.4 mm (3.47 x 4.54 in), 584 x 754 pixels | for the Pictures application effective resolution is 600 x 766 pixels

How do you imagine a link to two different locations to work ? how would anyone, including any computer, know where to go ?
Q: "I wanna go from Berlin to Paris"
A: "OK: go west AND south, young man !".

If you wanna go to two places, use two links.

But you want two links to ONE location: a veggie-rice dish goes into the list of both the rice dishes AND in the list of veg.dishes. And THAT is no problem: just make the two url-links.
Q: "I want to go from Berlin to Paris or from Athens to Paris"
A: "Ok here are the two answers: From Berlin to Paris, you first go...etc..And when you want to travel from Athens to Paris, you go....etc..."

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