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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
in December 2008, we took a trip for the holidays to Scotland. I took my 505 with me. That is not a short trip. And I was glad I had a device that the battery lasted the entire trip. I did read a lot and if I had only 4 or so hours of battery life, the thing would have died before the plane touched down and I would have been left with a useless device. So for some, battery life is rather important. And the ability to read in direct sunlight is actually more important then you think. When it's a nice day outside, I do like to go outside and if I take my 505, I like knowing I can read in the sun. As for screens, they do need to be easy on the eyes. And that is a subjective thing. I could read on an LCD screen. But the LCD screen would also have to be able to be viewed in direct sunlight and have good battery life for the device.

My point was to simply not think that everyone has the same needs you do. I seldom read for more than 2 hours in any once sitting (even on longer flights) so I'd be fine with 6 hours or so of battery life. For long trips, no big deal to pack a charger. Already do for my cell phone, laptop etc., so no big deal to stick one more in the luggage.

And sunlight--again, just matters if you read outside or not. With allergies, being a magnet for bug bites, sun burn etc. I never read outside and won't do anything outdoors unless I'm doing something specific like hiking or fishing--and obviously don't need to read during such outings.

Battery life and sun light readability ARE definitely advantages to e-ink. And they're huge benefits for someone like you. But they aren't deal breakers for everyone, so it's silly to go to far and act like tablets are useless because the battery life is less than e-ink and they're hard to read in the sun.

Some of us don't care about those and would take that loss of them to gain color screens, lag free stylus support, fast page turns for skimming documents, video, full net browsing etc.

Originally Posted by perversity View Post
Multi function devices are nice to play with, but nearly impossible to do any real work on. If e-ink can continually progress the way that LCD technology has, I'm sure that it can keep it's legs.
Again, no reason for e-ink to go away. I'll keep my Kindle for leisure reading. I just want a nice tablet for marking up and flipping through academic PDFs, and would prefer it to have internet, PDA, and all that other Jazz as well.

It wouldn't replace my e-ink device, nor my laptop, but just be a supplement that I'd use mainly for reading and annotating academic PDFs, and also use on the couch for web browsing, use as a PDA/calendar etc.

Originally Posted by charleski View Post
And sure, there's a market for a device that will display technical documents in full size with colour. But in comparison to the market for readers that will handle novels this market is tiny.
I'm not sure how tiny it is. For one, academia is a huge market. I read lot of scholarly articles and books and many need to be displayed in their original size so text is by tables/figures it describes, and so the tables and figures (often the most important part of the studies) display properly etc.

And I need to be able to highlight stuff and jot notes in the margins just as easily as I can on print outs currently. And to be able to flip through documents quickly to find sections to cite at later dates etc.--e-ink is mind numbingly slow for this.

And I know a lot of my colleagues are also interested in in such a device.

Then you add in business where they can be used to help go toward a more paperless market etc.

It is a niche item--I don't see it having main stream success with regular folks not using them mainly for work related purposes. But there's definitely a need for such devices in academia and segments of the business world.

As long as something comes out that suits my needs on this front, I couldn't care less if it sells 10 million or 1,000 units.

I think people are just tired (I certainly am) of the inevitable comment that's appeared whenever any tech site covered ereaders in the past few years claiming that they're all rubbish because they don't do colour. That makes as much sense as saying that a Sony 505 is useless because it can't make phone calls.
Agreed. People need to quit saying tablets etc. will kill e-ink. They won't. There's plenty of room for all kinds of devices with the ability to access e-books.

Again, at the same time, the e-ink enthusiasts need to not overly bash tablets and other devices. It's fine to say such devices aren't for you. It's going to far to imply they're useless as the average person isn't an avid readers who read for hours a day every day, and thus the benefits of e-ink aren't as crucial to them, and many would prefer color, video, other functions they spend more time on than reading etc.

Different strokes for different folks, and the market needs to provide a wide array of devices to meet different people's needs.

Originally Posted by Lemurion View Post
As LCD cannot do what EInk does (and vice versa) it seems illogical to assume that either will totally drive out the other.


They do different things well - they complement each other.
Agree 100%. I'll keep an e-ink device around for leisure reading even after getting some tablet or other large screen device for work related tasks.

Originally Posted by MaggieScratch View Post
I don't get the need for speed. You're reading a book, not playing a video game.
For my academic reading, I need to be able to quickly flip through an article and find the section I've read before and highlighted.

Even the first time, I more skim than read the vast majority of things since literature reviews etc. tend to be very redundant when you've read most everything they're citing etc.

E-ink is way to slow for that, vs a paper print out. An LCD tablet gets the page flipping closer to paper speeds.

For my leisure reading, i don't care so much. Page turns could be a bit quicker on my K1, but they don't bother me as I never flip back through (or ahead) pages in a novel.
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