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What I do is try to "calibrate" the reviewer.

If a reviewer regularly rates something close to how I would rate it, then I will be happy to rely on that reviewer's opinions.

If I find that I regularly disagree with a reviewer then I conclude we have different tastes.

I am new to the kindle and I was trying to calibrate the reviews on the kindle store for new or kindle only books.

At this point, my conclusion is that they are not reliable.

When I see an author posting a 5-star review for their own book then I strongly suspect they're boosting the ratings.
see here
and here

The other point is that if the download is $0.0 then I can't rely on the download numbers as there's no risk for the downloader.

I am not saying the books referenced are necessarily bad books but if the author lacks confidence that others will give them good reviews that can't be a good sign.

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