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Originally Posted by scottjl View Post
i'm really amazed at the glare complaints from some people, is each unit polished that differently? i notice glare when it's reflecting a light right at me, a slight tilt and the glare is gone.
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Originally Posted by Donnageddon View Post
Excellent advice Lilac!

I have a PRS-700, and judging by other peoples eyes it is a glare factory. I have found that if I spread the dung of 7 year old Australian female sheep, and Krafts (tm) Cool-Whip on the anterior of the device (close to the battery compartment!!) it reduces the glare in other peoples eyes by 5%.

That doesn't really help much, but the sweet smell of the sheep dung does keep people from commenting on the glare.

YMMV. Hope it helps!

Hmm. Well I've got an 18 year-old goat, a vat of lard and a mirror. I'll try your technique but I have a feeling I'll attract the authorities rather than reduce glare. But I'm here to learn!

Originally Posted by PennyPie View Post
We each have our little pecadillos...The glare doesn't bother me at all.

But then, I'm not a very sensitive person. I don't have a good sense of smell, so skunks or out houses don't offend me. (I also can't smell most flowers unless I stick'em right up my nose) I don't have a good sense of taste either, so I don't enjoy the nuances of flavors of things. (don't really see any difference between instant coffee & brewed, or diet soda & full calorie) Usually have sort of dirty glasses on, so a smudge on a screen doesn't bother me on a monitor, and the glare is something that I quickly (like 3 minutes) quit noticing.
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