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PRS-600 vs PRS-300 (The glare! Oh the glare!)

I've had my PRS-600 for a day now and I loaded it up with books hoping to try it out at lunch today. I settled in with my apple and PRS-600 ready to delve into a brave new world.

That's when the tears started.

I was so distracted by the glare I couldn't concentrate on the words in front of me. I tilted. I twisted. I craned my neck. I did everything short of a yoga routine to try and find the right angle that wouldn't have me staring at myself reading, to no avail. I tried a different room. I tried daylight. I tried turning off the lights in my office and using my reading light. Still I couldn't find peace.

So I'm now at the point where I am seriously considering returning this and I wanted to know if the PRS-300 suffers from the same fate. Everything I've been able to deduce leads me to believe it's the touch screen that is the culprit and I hope that means the 300 would be easier on the eyes. Can someone confirm my hopes?

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