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Death of E-Ink display?

With the pending Apple tablet and now the Microsoft via Kurzweil reader software, is this spelling the death of the E-Ink screen? The big TWO are going to push a color screen with back lighting. They want a rich, robust, backlit color environment. B&N helped a bit toward this goal by adding color in their 2nd display at the bottom of the Nook. The future looks like it will be an LED screen.

Can the E-Ink display hold off this onslaught? Will it simply become a blip on the radar of the history of eBooks when we look back in 5 years?

I am not sure that Amazon, B&N and all the rest can hold off the weight of being crushed by these two big players and likely more to come.

I own two Kindles and like the plain screen for reading a eBook. I am not sure I want all the glitz of a tablet with lots of other features. Of course, I remain open-minded to some slick new device in the near future.

However, the greater public has yet to vote. This would be the next 50 million buyers of the next generation of eBooks/eReaders. Most of this 50 million have not even seen an E-Ink screen. They likely will not see they have a real choice.

What do you think?
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