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ready to buy ! help !

I think I want to buy an ereader. Mostly I will use it to read out of print books available online in PDF format. I do not want to sit in front of my computer (desktop) and read so the ereader seems to be a logical step.

None of the available ereaders seem to be good for PDF, though.

If i do go with the ereader i think the Sony has more options for free books - can someone explain how the Google books works with Sony ? Are thet PDF or what ? Is it true that Kindle only lets you read Amazon purchased books ?

So maybe a netbook would be better ? For the same $$ I get a mini laptop to carry around with me and read my books also.

Has anyone tried to use a netbook as an ereader ? Like reading in bed or reclined on the sofa - is it comfortable ?

All advice welcome.
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