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Managing the collection

I'm a linux user so any existing windows software isn't all that helpful for me; I'm using Calibre to convert and install books on the 300.

At the moment, I don't have too many on there - mid-twenties - but there doesn't seem to be any sane way of managing hierarchical lists when viewed either by author or title. In my innocence, I had imagined some sensible method of handling large numbers of books that didn't involve scrolling through sixty pages of listings (at less than one page a second!)... say, if I have a couple of dozen 'Saint' books, I'd expect to find only a single listing under 'Charteris' and to click there to get to the books themselves, rather than being presented with them all at the top level.

It seems that 'collections', where I might have expected this to work, does something similar and rational, but is based on the tag set at the compilation stage and not the author.

Can it really be that I need to go through the collection setting the tag to the author's name?


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