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Thumbs down cooler - returned and got a Kindle

I purchased the Cooler e-book reader in purple when it was the special value on QVC. First, they promised 10 free ebook downlods with purchase, what they didn't tell you was that you got to pick from 30 titles, all of which you have never heard of and can probably be purchased for 25cents and the used book store. Second, and most important, the quality is poor. The botton to change pages is very hard to press and response time is slow. It feels cheap and my fear was that it would not last long. The screen and print quality is, however, fine. Third, my Cooler froze every hour or so requiring a hard reset which takes several minutes. Also, when you turn on the cooler e-reader it takes you to your list of files, it does not return you to the page you left off on and it takes several minutes to drill down and open the book back up - very cumbersom. I ordered a Kindle 2 to compare and it took me about 5 minutes to decide to send the Cooler ebook reader back and stick with the Kindle 2, espcially since there was only a $30 price difference. Love the purple color of the cooler but the quality and features of the Kindle win hands down.


Check out QVC. com, product got a 1 star rating and a lot of people are sending them back and are very angry with QVC for featuring this product.

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