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I am in the exact same boat! And I second the opinions here. Bought my PRS-300 off ebay at a fraction of the cost to 'test water', so to speak. Love it, but still constantly on the look out for something new. The 300 is ideal for just reading. But I wanted a dictionary (hardly ever use it, especially when you are lost in a story, but it feels reassuring to have one at your disposal), the ability to make annotations, and copy-paste interesting lines... Format is not an issue to me as I can find books in any. For that, i think a 600 would be a better device. Or even a kindle2 or nook. I reckon they would go down a notch in pricing after the holiday or after b&n catches up with their back orders (nook on ebay is over $500, can you believe it?). So, for now I'll hang on to my 300. And am happy. Just my 2 cents
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