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Which way is up?
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Engadget is an amazing site, it's one of the things that keep me from being under a rock for each hour I'm on the computer.

I learned about e-readers back in 2007 when I was still in junior high, E-readers did not generally catch my interest until mid 2008 when the kindle 2 was announced. When I started posting journals about the kindle 2, I took a step back and did not go back to it.

Thank god I did go back to it, it was like a whole new experience of devices when I learned of this wiki and many of the super-neato looking screen devices out there.

Barnes & Noble really gave me something to talk about in extreme hype- even bigger than the Halo 3 anticipation.

nook had added different plots to the months, excitement, paranoia, worry, and skepticism.

When my nook arrived a couple of days ago I finally felt myself sink into the trend- Bit since I mainly collect consoles, it'd be hard to collect multiple readers! Agh!

Anyway, I'm also a digital typewriting expert with my alphasmart, I first discovered it by someone I used to have a feud with but now are good friends. I hated the fact my handwriting was always in the way- But now the alphasmart has acompanied my needs for about three years now!
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