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Hi Sherman,
This KJB is essentially the revision work done by Dr. Blayney in 1767 with minor typo corrections by Henry Redpath about 1900. It is largely abandoned by modern publishers. Cambridge no longer uses the Pure Cambridge Edition in favor of The Concord Cambridge Edition ( improved ? spelling ,capitalization differences, etc). Collins publishes the closest thing to it today. The electronic version I used is found at along with the following statement. " The following downloadable files of the Holy Bible are presented for any use, including all forms of further publishing. Use this text as the definitive standard." I did not credit them with the original etext because in the process of making epubs you can never be certain, no mater how careful ,that something somewhere didn't go wrong. Can you tell me how to move this to the ebook section? By the way, yours is still faster then mine , why I'm not sure as I used the same speed up tips. Oh well....

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