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Originally Posted by jcar302 View Post
Seems our nook doesn't always save the last page we (she) was on.
Are we missing something?
According to my GF, once it did save the last page, but since then she has had to scroll to it each time.

I'm hoping that she is just doing something wrong, i'd find it hard to believe that this thing could get out without it.
First day wasn't a big deal, but now she's on page 70, and it's a real issue.
Posted on another thread and will probably fix your problem:

I received this message from Nook Support yesterday:

"We are aware of this problem and are working diligently to resolve it. We are working on a fix by 12:00 pm Eastern time.

Please make sure the nook has been charge for more than 4 hours.

If it has been charge for that long, then your issue has a simple fix.

Just hold the power button for 20sec no less then that, and then let it go and press it once again this will reboot the nook and your problem will be fix. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused."

The sloppy grammar of the message worries me a bit, is this the customer care we will be working with in the future?

But I have to give them credit, they did seem to fix the major problems.

The downloads are working now. This must have been a problem with the sudden surge in usage on Christmas day.

The Nook is also keeping my place in the books much better now. I still lose a bookmark occasionally but not nearly as often as before. Loosing bookmarks now seems to be related to loading content over the USB cable.

The only major bug I am seeing now is the inability to use the touch screen to page forward. I can swipe from right to left to go back one page but swiping from left to right does not do anything.

It also seems that the battery is only lasting a few days when the WiFi is turned on, but I will need to see how it does in the next week or so before I have any good data on battery life.

Overall I am very happy now that the most serious bugs have been corrected.
Hope that helps. Let us know if it fixes the problem.
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