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PS: -imaredr's post (above) may not seem related, be he also knows the Godspeed is just a rebranded Hibook 210. Follow his link, find <Godspeed eBible Desktop Application Package> and download/install. It'll install a working driver and all the other apps i.e. a reader for the .kml format books, a sync and download applet, too.

The Download and Sync applets are what your XP sys needs to recognise the book. The hiebook isn't DOS -or Windows, but "EmOS" ...long story... The memory card is Smartmedia -out of production and sorta spendy. But, on Ebay you can get a Smartmedia-to-xD convertor (which includes 128MB) -for less that $20 delivered. More memory then is the xD, at 10~15 / 128MB; a cheaper proposition.

I think you'll like the book -pretty reliable, and, once you pull stuff to .txt or .htm you can then pull it to the book. No longer does .doc reading work; unless you're running Office '97 or older... Convert all your books to HTML and you can't go wrong.... Anymore, I use a Firefox plug-in that will edit pages (or books) I find on the web. That way no other program is needed to ready them to be loaded.
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