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Device: Hanvon N516
Unhappy How does it work*?

Well, I already ask for help some months ago, and had some good answers but my problem remained. I give up and said to myself that, well nothing can be done. But no, I’m stubborn and I do want to read epub on my Hanvon N516 and I will.

So what’s the problem ?
I’m in China where I bought a N516, though I wanted a Hanlin V3, big mistake. It’s all in Chinese, ok, no big deal, but the firmware sucks big and I want to change it to OpenInkpot.
I followed the Installation guide but Windows (not mine, I’m on Ubuntu) can’t detect it. I tried on two computers.

# Connect the device via USB.

# Push the 'Rotate' button and power on the device.
What does that mean anyway ? I pushed it, pressed it, push up and down, two seconds, two minutes, pressed before after in the same time as the power on button, with a previous reset, and then :

# New device will appear in your system, point to this directory for driver.
No. Nothing appeared. Two times two hours trying that and nothing appeared.

Where am I wrong ?

For information, my N516 have this firmware : N516标准版 升级包V24210
and I used these files to do the upgrades : flash.cramfs, flash.cramfs.md5.
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