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From a quick websearch it appears that Acrobat standard does have the pdf optimizer feature, but I would suggest looking at the Adobe site or in any case some independent verification before buying.

I did some more experimenting with the Acrobat Pro 8 Mac version that I have, and it's very weird. First, for the patent .pdfs there isn't a very marked file size reduction, in fact I don't see any change in file size based on bringing up the file info. So it doesn't appear to be a case of a massive reduction in graphics that produces the speed up.

Second, if I go to the optimizer page (in the mac version, Advanced ->Pdf Optimizer) and uncheck every option, the file I create is, not surprisingly, no smaller and no faster to flip pages than the original file. Makes sense since everything was unchecked right?

Okay, but now if I select *only* "Images," which is the entry for image compression, and then turn off downsampling for all three options available (downsampling for color images, grayscale images, and monochrome images), the resulting file I get is no smaller than the original but DOES flip pages at the faster (much faster) rate. So 1) the optimizer function does something when "images" is checked but there's no downsampling and 2) I have no idea what that something is, but at least for these patent documents it produces much faster page turning, fast enough to make me want to use the dr1000 again.

I'll probably see if I can query Adobe as to what the program does under the circumstances I described. I'd still like to figure out if there's a free alternative, both because free is better, and also because I'd prefer to run the conversions on *nix based platforms.

Anyone else have any insights on this?

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