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Device: Amazon Kindle (Latest Generation, 6'' Screen, International Version)
Screen stuck on "critical battery" message.

Hello, I only just got my Kindle, it's brand new out of the box on Christmas day. Excited, I started using it to search wikipedia, the purpose for which I got the thing. Naturally, as most devices are not shipped fully charged due to the (presumable) dangers of Lithium ion batteries exploding en route. So the battery seemed to be going down, as it would.

Living in Belgium as I do, I couldn't use the provided mains power two-pin adapter. I instead plugged the USB cable into my iPod's mains charger and tried using that to charge it. As I was using the Kindle the batteries died on me and the "Critical Battery, Your battery is empty... blahdi blahdi blah" message showed up on the screen. Thinking it might be a problem with power and voltage and all that I plugged the Kindle into a USB slot on my laptop, where I left it for several hours whilst I did other things.

On returning the battery message was still very much in evidence, despite doing the usual holding the power button for 15-20 seconds. The Kindle turned off and back on but still the same battery message. On all occasions that I plugged the device to a power source the orange charging light was on the whole time. It hasn't gone green as of yet despite several repeated attempts to charge it.

This is obviously very frustating indeed so any help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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