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Originally Posted by HaggisMacJedi View Post

After seeing all sorts of Nook reviews online now (I watched a 25 minute video yesterday), I am even MORE satisfied with my decision!
I saw that idiot mess up the show and tell. I have the nook right now in my house, at first I was a bit apprehensive on what it would and wouldn't do. I remembered how the Kindle will not use the mobipocket drm ebooks only the non drm ebooks. I have a bundle of eReader drm ebooks from fictionwise and the site. So I loaded up the Nook, without reading the instructions and discovered that my non B&N ebooks have to go into the folder called My Documents. Once I discovered this I actually almost read the entire instruction manual on how to... Discovered a few things and one of them was how fast the reader is when changing pages. Fast enough to keep up with almost any reader except trained speed readers and it does a pretty good job there. I also discovered that my little touch screen area is not as sensitive as the video seemed to suggest. It has a slider or up and down arrows and a round thing to select what you want up above.

I put all my drm ereader ebooks from into my documents, opened up one and it requested my name and credit card number I had used in purchasing. Finally figured out which card, entered it and there was the ebook, no muss no fuss. It says it will store the info so it is available for all the others I purchased. I does more than I need it to do today. What I might want it to do in a year or two hopefully it will continue to meet my needs.

The ability to use it left or right handed is a plus, the pressure needed to change pages is not all that much. Since all my ebooks are in My Documents I don't get the coloured ebook pictures, but I am not in it for coloured pictures of my ebook, I need the words. So I am more than happy with it right now.

The nice thing about this world is that there is no perfect reader, doesn't exist. We need all the choices out there and good info to choose what is best for us. If I had been a Kindle 1 user I would now be a Kindle 2 then Kindle 3 user, etc. Maybe the Fictionwise reader would have been better but I had already ordered Nook and it is so cute.
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