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I'm currently running Vista 64 with 4 GB of ram and a lot of books loaded in my Calibre.. currently 16440. At one point I had the books stored on my main system disk but I have since moved them to a NAS that I have mapped as a network drive. It was really slow before I moved everything and now it's just glacial. An add book or remove book opp can take up to 1-2 minutes to complete. Adding 30 books from a directory might take 20 minutes. I have Symantek Anti-virus but I shut down the file system protect stuff and gave it a try and got no results. I also have the program running in compatability mode and as an administrator and no dice. I've tried every combo I can think of. I'm a software developer, so I have a pretty good idea of how to manipulate this kind of stuff, I actually have written something similar to Calibre without the myriad of format conversions and my system performs way faster running it on the same book library and a flat file xml DB, granted I'm using .Net so it's a completely different ball game.
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