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Sigil 1.6 - deleting blank line very slow


This is my first post, and I'm glad to have found such a vibrant forum community.

I am running Sigil 1.6 on an Asus Netbook with 2GB RAM. I have not had experience with prior versions of Sigil, but I'm looking for help with lag issues I'm experiencing with this latest version.

When editing a .epub, 'paste' takes (what I find to be) a long time - about 10 seconds for text to appear in the document after a 'CTRL-V'.

Similarly, deleting characters or a word is very responsive but it takes about 20 - 30 seconds for the text to realign after deleting a blank line. I'm curious as to why Sigil would take such a long time to delete a blank line when deleting a word takes no time at all.

Would anyone know why Sigil lags like this on my system? I didn't see many other related posts. A fix or a workaround would be much appreciated.
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