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Decision - Sony's PRS-600 or B&N Nook

Hello everyone and please excuse my noobness as this is my frist post here on To give a breif background, I have been looking at e-readers for quite some time, mainly at Sony's offerings, and it hasen't been until recently that I have found myself in situations that I would actually use one more often then not. So I figured this would be a good time to refresh myself with the latest offerings that the tech world has to offer.

With that in mind and having spent quite a few hours reading reviews from various sites and digging through this forum I think I have narrowed my choices down to the following:

Sony's PRS-600
B&N Nook

I really do not see much difference in the two besides the Nook having a wireless card in it and it being 40 dollars cheaper. I do understand that with the Sony I can make notes on it which may come in handy. So I am kind of at a crossroads between the two and looking for some input.

What will I be using this for?
  • School PDFs
  • Technology Books (some chm files)
  • Non-Fiction reading
  • Fiction reading

I do not plan on listening to music or browsing the web on it (isn't that what PCs and Phones are for lol).

Thanks for your input.
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