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Valentine: FREE Episodes - Supernatural Fantasy graphic novel ENG/FRE/GER

Hi folks! I've added Valentine Episode 01 *and* Episode 02 in ePub format to the ePub downloads section of Mobileread.

Get Episode 01 for ePub in English, French or German here
Get Episode 02 for ePub in English, French or German here

I'm an Eisner-nominated graphic novellist who has had five series published in both the US and France, and a friend and I have recently taken the decision to launch our new monthly series, Valentine, not as a print comic but only for e-Readers.

Not only that, but we're launching it in 13 languages (soon to be 14 - we've just taken on a Russian translator). Because the text is embedded in images, we can get around a lot of the issues that readers such as Kindle have with non-Latin alphabets. So if you've been craving a book in Hebrew, Japanese, or Chinese, for example, we do that. And, as noted, soon Russian (we offer the book in Polish and Serbian already). Our full list of current languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Serbian, Irish.

It's a real page-turner, full of surprising cliffhangers, great action, and strong characterisation - and only costs 99 cents per episode. Plus, you can check out Episode 01 for free on our website. Here's the English summary:

During Napoleon's retreat from Russia in the War of 1812, cavalry officers Valentine and Oscar are separated from the main army by a brutal blizzard. They think the worst thing waiting out there in the snow for them is Death. They could not be more wrong.

The two soldiers stumble across an ancient conflict between beings more powerful than humanity can imagine, a conflict which now threatens to consume the Earth and all upon it - because those who have stood in the horror's path, the few bastions of light, are going home. The debut episode of the acclaimed fantasy / thriller graphic novel series by Eisner-nominated comics writer Alex de Campi and artist Christine Larsen

More here:

Valentine has just launched; Episodes 01, 02 and 03 are available for iPhone, Android phone and Kindle in 13 languages. I'll be adding ePub and LRF this week once I have the chance to do the formatting (it's difficult for me to use Fictionwise or Smashwords as both services' autoformatting play holy heck with images). We're also working with Stanza to iron out some image-display issues and hope to be launching for Stanza within the next two months.

Here are a few reviews of Episode 01 from Kindle Store purchasers:

"Great art, suspenseful writing, big fat glorious panels in landscape format. Tilt the kindle over on its side with the one previous button and one of the "Next" buttons on the bottom and then flip gleefully through the pages. It's one panel per "page", which means a fair amount of page flipping, but it's oh-so-easy on the eyes, which is a huge plus. Currently my fave comic on the Kindle - as Deputy Director of Robot Comics, I sadly don't have anything to do with this VALENTINE Kindle Edition, but I'm jealous because I really wish I did " - Dave Baxter

"Well written, beautifully drawn and designed/formatted for your device! What's not to love? A supernatural drama set during the war of 1812, creators de Campi and Larson bring their A-game to the story of cavalry officer Valentine trying to shepherd a mysterious package back to France. Recommended for anyone who reads comics on their Kindle." - Jeremy Holstein

...this piece had me at hello, so to speak. I'm big on historical fantasy, but it's gotta be ***accurate*** historical fantasy, and the amount of research that went into this (the writing and the artwork) is obvious, and much appreciated. Looking forward to episode #2.... - Dave Stern

Episode 04 launches on 17 February.

I also make short films and music videos (you can see them here, if you're interested!)

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