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Replacement Parts

I had an unfortunate accident with my EZReader 6" the other day, which resulted in the front bezel of the reader being severely damaged. Thankfully, the screen is intact and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the reader functionally. Aesthetics on the other hand, leave something to be desired.

I tried contacting both Astak and Jinke to see if they would be willing to sell me a replacement piece. This is something I don't expect to be covered under warranty, and I have no problem replacing the part myself. However, in the week since I sent off my request, neither company has bothered to answer my support query. In all honesty, I expected not to hear from Jinke, but really am disappointed in Astak's lack of response.

So, with normal support methods being totally useless, does anyone have a dead EZReader 6" (or any of the Hanlin v3 clones) they would like to part out? Barring any further accidents, I only need to front bezel (the part with the buttons and logo).

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