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Wink [Expired] The Undead Situation-- now in Mobi and ePub!

Hey, guys! I recall people requesting different formats of The Undead Situation, and so I went forth and created them! I now have PDF, Mobi, ePub, HTML, and the usual Kindle. Each of them except the Kindle one are free at my website,

Here is my working synopsis for the book. Any comments on that would be appreciated, too!

When it happened, people tried to create a cure. The government attempted to form contingency plan after plan, each one failing more so than the last. No matter what anyone did, no matter how hard they hoped, the dead came back and ate people. Cities collapsed into oblivion while chances of survival diminished by the second. Despite the gore stained streets and screams of his fellow man, one person sits back and watches the scenes unfold with apathetic eyes…

Self-proclaimed sociopath Cyrus V. Sinclair isn’t surprised by the living dead rising and roaming the Earth. What with his cache of guns and MREs, he doesn’t mind the idea of staying in his Seattle apartment until the end of days—come hell or high water. This plan holds true until he meets up with Gabe, a belligerent annoyance, and other survivors, who cramp his style and force him to reevaluate his outlook on life.


Here is the Amazon Kindle link. The book is 99 cents.
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