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Originally Posted by wwang View Post
I see that there is the Umbutu .92 version 5.1. Any one have info if this is a worthwile update?
Umbutu .92 version 5.1 ??? Can you post a link to this as I do not recognise this version
Originally Posted by wwang View Post
I was also looking for the AVI play to support the hardware decoder. Regretfully I have not even tried playing AVI's back in the 5.0 firmware update. I was wondering what people's experiences are.
The supplied version of 'mplayer' does support hardware acceleration but only for the following codecs; MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 (up to 30fps@SD and decoding of VC1 video up to 30fps@SD)
Originally Posted by wwang View Post
I really like the utility of the SmartQ7 so far. I would love to be able to do video playback though. And while I have not tried it since reading it would be nice to know it works if someone else has already tried it.
I have played video on mine since day one, granted only avi's (divx/xvid) with video @ approx 1000bps and audio @ 96bps but perfectly watchable (not HD quality, but who wants 6GB movie files!).
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