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Some of my thoughts


- price
- can run multiple OS
- can read Non-DRM book files
- screen size
- weight

- build quality, no problems with mine yet but I have seen a few reports of peoples units dying
- ubuntu, for some this is a huge plus, but for a person with no linux experience it can be a pain. I'm still having huge problems installing stuff
- No Lit reader, a bunch of my ebooks are in lit

- Great little device for reading, easy to pull it out on the subway and read
- Requires too much time out of the box to get things working (comix still doesn't work)


- power
- reads any format
- much better multifunction device than Smartq7

- PRICE! This bad boy is close to $600 (in Toronto).

- The reviews I've read do not justify this amount of money

Other units I'm thinking of and the reason that I've stayed away so far

viliv S7
- price and avalability in Canada

viliv S10
- not out yet

X200T (tablet)
- size
- 12.1 inch notebook is just to big to use as a mobile ereader.
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