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I just bought a Pocket Pro (and love it so far, flashed the firmware last night, no problems), but didn't order the charity pack because the links made it look like it was Christmas (I'm not Christian) and Dickens (I don't much care for him) oriented. Still, Second Harvest is awesome, and if I'd read more closely, I'd probably have bought it to help support them.

I did get the 2 gig card, with the Halloween stories and the 300 PG books, though. It wasn't on the invoice or the box (it came last Monday). I assumed someone just chucked it in. I'm more than willing to pay for it or to send it back, as it appears it was an error. Robertb, just drop me an e-mail if I can make this right.

It was very nice to get it, though. Gave me something to read right away after the initial charge. My friends were impressed, too.
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