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Originally Posted by desertgrandma View Post
The quote refers to the books that our members have uploaded here.........all public domain, and great reading.

IF you had a Kindle, you would simply click on "download mobipocket guide" and follow instructions. Another way is to simply download to your computer and use the usb cord to favorite way.

If you have a library close that has a good assortment of epub books, and a library card, you might want to consider a Sony, or other device that supports epub.

Then you would simply download the library ebooks to your computer, then transfer to your device via usb cord.
Thanks much desertgrandma. Apparently the Kindle reads formats other than Amazonís preparatory format. If I can find a Kindle primer, I will try to better educate myself. At this time I have a very good offer on buying a Kindle that a friend is getting as an office gift. However, If I have to buy books from Amazon, I may turn it down. It would be kind of like a nonsmoker getting a free carton of cigarettes, a very expensive habit.
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