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Originally Posted by Wetdogeared View Post
I can handle reactions like these (snickering & rofling). I was walking the pupply last week when a young man said "He looks like a real killer". I responded with "She's a she!"

As long as I'm not condemned for not getting a rescue dog. I also don't want to spark any debate on rescue vs non-rescue pets. I admire those that rescue any pets. We tried, we really did, but small(ish) dogs go fast at our local shelters due to the high number of condominiums in our area. I couldn't submit a large dog to condominium life, and I'll admit it was a difficult decision to even submit a small(ish) dog to such small quarters.

There are some large dogs, some rescued, in our complex. Some seem quite content, others seem restless. Some don't get the excercise they need.

I am fortunate that I am home most days and can take our puppy for several walks a day. A lot of owners leave their dogs home alone all day when they go to work, or take them to a "doggy daycare" facility. If I wasn't going to be home most of the time, I wouldn't have gotten a dog in the first place. I don't know my neighbours that well so I couldn't depend on any of them to look after the puppy, and we have no relatives that live close by that could "look-in" on her in our absence.

Greyhounds make great apartment/condo dogs even though they are large. I have one and he is the laziest couch-hound you ever met. They are also easily available for rescue in areas where they are used for racing.
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