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Fictionwise - not a real deal, but possibly a good deal?

Thought I'd post this here just to see what happens.

Short version:

If you go to this link:

you will supposedly be able to order the new Peter Robinson collection of short stories and novellas for just $1.99.

But Beware! - Fictionwise are falsely advertising it as the complete book, whereas it is just one story. I ordered it and complained, so I am awaiting their response.

Long Version:

I was browsing for some new releases by one of my favourite detective writers, Peter Robinson (author of the Inspector Banks series). His output has been slender of late, but there has just been a release of short stories that contain a couple of Banks novellas. I wouldn't normally waste my time with a collection like this (after all his last collection "Not Safe After Dark" was less than stellar), but his Banks novels are superb.

I came across the book at Fictionwise (above link) and decided to take a chance and grab it for just $1.99, as advertised. The publishers have released the whole book, as well as individual stories (not sure of this is a good or bad idea, but I guess for this kind of book it's maybe a good idea?). Anyway, the stories are usually $1.99 and the novellas $5.99 (or something like that).

Fictionwise claim this is the whole book - if you look at their page they describe various stories within the book:

eBook Description: From the New York Times bestselling author comes a riveting collection of short fiction, marked by the piercing psychological insight and brilliant characterization that are hallmarks of his acclaimed novels Ever since the publication of his first mystery featuring Detective Inspector Alan Banks, Peter Robinson has been steadily building a reputation for compulsively readable and perceptive novels that probe the dark side of human nature. Plumbing the territory that he has so successfully staked, The Price of Love and Other Stories includes two novellas and several stories featuring the Yorkshire policeman at his finest. In the novella "Going Back," never before published in the United States, Banks returns home for a family reunion, only to find it taking a decidedly sinister turn. In "Like a Virgin," written especially for this volume, Banks revisits the period in his life and the terrible crime that led him to leave London for Eastvale. And in between, the disparate motives that move us to harm one another, from love and jealousy to greed and despair, are all explored with fascinating depth. Edgy and smart, thrilling and suspenseful, this remarkable collection is a must-have for Robinson fans--and any fan of compelling crime fiction.
They also list the various format ISBNs:

EPUB ISBN: 9780061979118
Mobipocket Reader ISBN: 9780061938092
eReader ISBN: 9780061979118
The Mobi one matches those for the complete book on other sites (the individual title story has a completely different ISBN) - although bizarrely, Fictionwise don't actually offer the Mobi format here.

So anyway, I figure they advertised the complete book and should provide it to me for just $1.99 - they still haven't updated their page, so other brave souls may wish to take advantage of this oversight as well, but be warned, the download is only one story and I do not yet know if Fictionwise will honour the info on their page - so just remember, caveat emptor...
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