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Good points. I went back and forth on both. I had a Kindle, sold it on eBay, and got my nook last week but didn't open it. I poured over reviews, watched videos, went into the store. I like it a lot. It is really nice and the negative reviews are way overboard in my opinion. However, the one thing I cannot get past that many people only gloss over is the poor battery life. Even if it is user replaceable (and you need a screwdriver) it is inconvenient and an added expense. My Kindle would last for weeks without needing a charge. It was nice knowing that whenever I would pick it up, itwould work without needing more juice.

With that said, I applaud your commitment. I was there, just couldn't justify it for my use, especially coming from a Kindle. Sold it on Craigslist and bought another Kindle with enough money left over to buy a bunch of eBooks. If, in a few months I change my mind, Kindle eBay prices have held firm.
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