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Originally Posted by =X= View Post
so far most eReaders's including the Kindle use linux which is an open OS and to further exemplify this point the Android OS was built on top of Linux. So your open OS is a mute point.

Also all ereaders support PDF.
Neither are moot points. They were my requirements, and the Nook meets them both. That other, or all, ereaders also meet those requirements are part of what made the selection process difficult.

Originally Posted by =X= View Post
let me five you a word of advise, as I worked in the SW/electronic industry for years. One should never buy a product in the promise or expectation that software will be fixed in future versions. While it is tech possible today it is not always feasable or even possible for the company. Further more my expectation from a company that is not in the software in doing so is not very high. Mind you I do believe they will do it just not confidence in their ability.

My advise , since you have your mind set on the nook is to wait it out and see what releases they come up with. There is no need to rush out and buy a product especially when you are not happy with the device as is. Sure your 100% confident they will fix all issues but the wait in the mean time will be painful.

In the end it's your decision and you can spend your hard earn cash any way you wish.
I appreciate the advice, and having made my living for the last 30 years as a software developer, I have seen plenty of vaporware wishes evaporate.

On one point I should clarify: I find the current firmware implementation of the Nook acceptable, but less than what I had hoped for. Barring a more suitable device for my individual needs, it remains the best answer.

However, I do indeed believe the Nook will be improved, as the history of the iRex, the Sony, and the Kindle have shown. Is it a sure thing? Certainly not. Is it likely? I believe so, for the reasons I outlined in my original post.

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