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With me the Ext2fsd (used to see my linux partion in windows) was the problem.
I had it set to mount my linux partion as drive d: when Vista booted up. It uses some sort of registery hook to perform this magic. Whatever it was doing, Sony's Reader Library didn't like it. You'd hit the Icon and the hard-drive light would flash away, but nothing would show, it'd just hang there in memory.

Since the hard-drive light was flashing I figured I'd try unmounting my linux partion. Low and behold the Reader Library started up just fine.

If I manually mount the linux partion with the ext2fsd software, not using the registry hook, the Reader Library doesn't care and starts just fine. The problem seems to have something to do with the drive being registered as a DosDevice when mounting on boot with the registry?

This was with Windows Vista Home Basic.

I realize these are fairly particular circumstances, but who knows, maybe someone will find it useful.

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