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I've managed (just) to get this thing working, but have serious problems/questions that I can't find the answers to in my "quick start" or on line help files.

Number 1. I can load books onto my library, and then when I connect the reader, it syncs and puts them on the reader. Great. However, sometimnes it only puts the first few pages on the reader, even though the whole book is on the library. And, when I go to delete it off the reader (a book of 5 pages isn't very interesting) it says I can't because it's "synced to the library. In order to get it off the reader, I have to delete it from the library.

What is going on? Fortunately, I have these books on a CD, otherwidse I'd have lost them for good.

Anybody able to explain to me whats going on and what i'm doing wrong (in simple words please, I'm an ex sailor and not a rea ltecno geek).

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.


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