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Kindle syslog file

I'm trying to understand the syntax in the Kindle syslog file. From my deciphering, it looks like the sample syslog file identifies both the Kindle location and the cell tower location. It appears that the Kindle has recorded a connection with a cell tower at the "HDR Lat/Long" coordinates -- I used to identify a cell site owned by Nextel, probably leased to Sprint -- and the device coordinates locating the Kindle to a point near 20450 Stevens Blvd., in Cupertino, CA.

Does this makes sense? Can someone capture and post a similar logfile?

090719:161519 wand[1661]: I e725:diag: t=4a644ff6,SID=4183,NID=87,
Base ID=744,Network Svc Type=EVDO,Bars=5,
RSSI dBm=-125,Active Set EC IO dBm=-31.500000,Active Set PN Offsets=264,
HDR Latitude=37.334167,HDR Longitude=-122.031113,
EVDO RSSI dBm=-65,ASET Pilot Energy=-0.53,
HDR Active Set PN Offsets=264,DRC=2,n=1:
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